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Our Clients Say...

  • We had a very positive experience with Pools by Bradley.  The quality of workmanship, communication, friendliness, & professionalism were all top-notch.  In the beginning, Aaron was very helpful with the design & details and explaining the process.  Once the project got going, Carole kept us updated with constant emails re: scheduled projects & inspections.  Joe, the supervisor for our project, frequently came by to check our progress & give us updates.  Once the permit came through & the digging started, it was less than 4 months until our pool was completed & filled with water.  Best of all, we are very satisfied with the way our pool, deck, & screen enclosure turned out.

    Carol K Avatar Carol K
    April 15, 2024

    After purchasing a new construction home in 2022, I decided Pools By Bradley was the company I was willing to trust in completing one of the most important and costly upgrades that I was going to make on my home. My first interactions were with Aaron, the sales consultant and design manager. Aaron very clearly communicated that the company was still working through hardships from the covid pandemic, and patience would be needed for the process. Aaron assured me that despite the challenges of the times, Pools By Bradley would take the best care of me and stand by the quality of their work. I had researched many pool designs and had the exact design that I wanted. My main goal was to have a practical and useful pool, but with a WOW factor and a modern resort feel. We worked together to map out the design, and Aaron made suggestions along the way on how it might have to be laid out differently based on the grade of the yard. He took all the time that I needed to be completely satisfied with my design, even down to flagging the yard with me so I could better visualize the space and layout of the pool in my yard. Carole was assigned our project coordinator and was charged with communicating each step of the process to us, as well as tasked with answering any of our questions or concerns along the way. She would send me almost weekly emails to tell me what would be happening next and when it might be happening. If there was anything holding up the process, she would let us know what is being held up and why. Carole was such an important part of the process for us, and we were very thankful for her ongoing communication and dedication to our project. Scott, the construction supervisor, was amazing in his commitment to quality. He would walk the property with me to check on the details and demanded that it be made right or better, even when I didn’t notice an issue myself. His attention to detail and failure to accept anything other than the best work was much appreciated. A few times he even dropped what he was doing to come over and help any urgent situations or issues that needed addressed right away. Chris, another field supervisor, was very helpful in troubleshooting and putting the finishing touches on the punch list. He took the time to double check things for us and investigate when something just didn’t seem right. Now that our pool is done and we are actively using it, Tyana, the service and warranty liaison, is our go to person for any warranty issues that may arise and no questions are asked when an issue might need to be addressed. She is also my go to person when I can’t remember how to use something, or access something, or any other random thing that may come up now that we are on our own. She has been so gracious and patient with us as we get adjusted to using our new pool and equipment. The absolute best part of this company is that they genuinely want their customers to love their pool, and they have in essence all become an extended part of our family in the process. My son came down with a very serious medical issue during our pool installation and the staff continued to check up on us and send us well wishes for a full recovery while my son was in the hospital. They made cards for my son and even delivered him a very thoughtful heaping gift bag of goodies and pool toys to cheer him up. Even to this day, they periodically send me an email just to check in on my son. Megan, the owner, has been in communication with me periodically to make sure everything is ok, and we have everything we need. Joe, VP Construction/Operations, has also made personal visits to our home to help make sure that everything is working properly and to answer any questions that I have. There is a reason that Pools By Bradley has been voted Best of Orlando for 9 years in a row!! I am thrilled and blessed to have such a stunning view, both day and night, in my own backyard. I just couldn’t be happier with our experience with Pools By Bradley, and you will be too!

    Rikki Myers Avatar Rikki Myers
    April 9, 2024

    We love being partners with Pools By Bradley! We know when it comes to do our part at the end of the project, that clients will be very happy with their pool and fantastic customer service up to this point. Then, we are the icing on the cake! We highly recommend them!!

    Donny Daugherty Avatar Donny Daugherty
    April 1, 2024

    Bryan C Engineering here, I have been providing engineering to Pools By Bradley for over 20 years. They are a great company with great reputation. These are the people to contact for sure.

    Jonathan C Avatar Jonathan C
    March 31, 2024
  • Bryan C Engineering here, I have been providing engineering to Pools By Bradley for over 20 years. They are a great company with great reputation. These are the people to contact for sure.

    Jonathan Chami Avatar Jonathan Chami
    March 31, 2024

    If you're looking for top-notch pool builders in Orlando, I highly recommend Pools By Bradley. I have been within the pool industry for 30+ years and I can honestly say...their one of the best. They're amazing at what they do, and their owners are super involved and caring. The quality of their work is top-notch, and they really go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with your pool. Trust me, choosing Pools By Bradley for your pool project is a decision you won't regret. They're one of the best in town!

    David Montague Avatar David Montague
    March 30, 2024

    I have been tiling pools for over 15 years and it is with great pleasure to say I am extremely proud to be apart of the Pools by Bradley Team. Their professionalism not only with their customers but their employees and subcontractors is unsurpassable. I look forward to being part of this team for many more years to come!

    Juan Quiros Avatar Juan Quiros
    March 28, 2024

    Highly recommend Pool by Bradley! Great company to work with and for. They always put Quality and customer satisfaction as top priority.

    Creative Ground Works Inc Avatar Creative Ground Works Inc
    March 20, 2024
  • After seating with several pool companies, we choose Pools By Bradley. I will say we were apprehensive at first because of the reviews we read. (Lack of communication) We first met Jake and he was very professional. He came back with what we thought we wanted design wise but threw a curve ball and came up with a more resort style design which we were after initially. We LOVED it immediately! When we signed contract I expressed my concern based on the reviews & I was assured that they will work on it and stay on top of it. We met with Joe the VP of Construction and Operations. He was very professional and explained the whole process in detail. The permit process was a little bit of a rough start but once we passed permitting the ball began rolling quickly. Our project manger was Carole. She made this process smooth and very communitive throughout the whole project. Everyone who worked on the pool was kind and professional. Whenever we had questions or concerns they were polite to address them. Our pool project was completed in 10 months from contract signing to finish but actual pool build was 6 months. We are very happy with the results. We do & would definitely recommend Pools by Bradley.

    Lucy Brown Avatar Lucy Brown
    February 22, 2024

    Awesome!! I am so excited with my new pool by Pools by Bradley! I LOVE my new pool and my private backyard Oasis! Their customer service is exceptional, they are very professional, kind and caring, I feel like they truly cared very much about me as a customer! Their construction and details of my pool were excellent and & met my standards for perfection! All of the Personnel that I dealt with there were awesome!! Carole, was my Project Manager who was in constant contact keeping me updated on every process of my pool build. She was such a delight to chat with on our regular conversations! My Project Super contact, Chris L., was very nice and professional. He handled some specific details that I was extremely pleased with! Tyana, the Service & Warranty rep, is such a kind young lady & so sweet!! She handled the finalizing of my pool build and the scheduling of my pool school and orientation. Then comes, Austin, my teacher and detailer extraordinaire! He wrapped up some of the final detailing, a very nice young man! The owners of, PBP, are very involved with the processes and will Delight you with little surprises throughout your pool build! 😉😃 Last but not least: Include PBP in your search of Pool Contractors! I highly recommend them!!

    Debbie B Avatar Debbie B
    February 4, 2024

    I’ll just say it…building a pool during a pandemic took forever. It was painful. Add to that a hurricane that took out the aluminum supplier and delayed our screen enclosure for months, and it began to feel comical. I hope no one ever has to build a pool in those conditions again. But if you do, you want to do it with Pools by Bradley. We were not looking for the builder who would be the cheapest or the fastest. We wanted to be happy with our pool for decades, so very high quality work and great customer service were our priorities. That’s what you get with this team. Carole is the one who keeps you informed along the way (and boy did she have her work cut out for her during the pandemic with all the supply chain issues!). She’s an absolute angel and put up with a million questions from me! Chris was our field supervisor, and I am not kidding when I say that man is a technical wizard. He could fix any issue that cropped up. Even things that seemed like they couldn’t be fixed – Chris could fix them! He was a constant through our build and he is a true professional in this industry. Justus and Austin are just amazing – both incredibly nice and so hardworking! They’re the ones you see at the end when things get really exciting as the pool is getting fired up and they’re checking off the punch list (aka, when I’m being super picky about lots of little things – they tackled all of them with a smile!). Austin did our “Pool School” – he was so patient with all of our questions, and didn’t mind being recorded. (We totally recommend recording pool school – you will forget so much of what he says. It’s super helpful to have a video to replay and to be able to see what the equipment looked like as he was showing things to you!) Perhaps the most telling part of all of all is that is wasn’t over when the pool was finished. We’ve had a couple visits from the team to make sure that we’re happy – and even some nice thank you gifts for doing business with them. We decided to add some custom handrails to the pool and spa that I ordered elsewhere, and we had Pools by Bradley install them. I am confident they will always stand behind their work, and we are so happy with the amazing pool they built! And just look at the results!

    Sandi Wallace Avatar Sandi Wallace
    January 21, 2024

    Wonderful experience from start to finish. The planning with the sales rep. Aaron all the way through the pool development and final pool school with my site manager, Chris. We're very very pleased with this purchase.

    Tiffany Urquhart Avatar Tiffany Urquhart
    July 4, 2023
  • Wonderful company! Great employees and amazing people to work with!

    Toni Sterling Avatar Toni Sterling
    May 2, 2023

    The pool company, pools by Bradley were amazing. Bradley was always upfront with us to begin with. I dealt with Carol who is so professional and quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. Tim was a wonderful contact to have about things actually on the job site, he was very quick to answer questions and always help me out. Austin, who did our Pool school, He just knew so much. It blew my mind. I highly recommend this company to install any inground pool. Thank you all so much for being part of our future memories.

    Joyce Weber Avatar Joyce Weber
    April 25, 2023

    It’s been almost a year since my pool have been installed and we couldn’t be happier! Kaysen did an amazing job with designing and Brad was so patient with my many question and calls. Fabulous people genuinely trying to build the best pools possible and they care about their customers. Megan is the sweetest too! I would recommend Pools By Bradley all day long. Even now, they responded quickly with helping me get my pool pump back online after a router upgrade! I cannot say enough about the whole team! I am just so sorry it took so long to write my review! Thanks for making our dream of owning our own pool come true!

    P Kennedy Avatar P Kennedy
    April 18, 2023

    Pool Review, In April 2021 we signed a contract with Pools by Bradley. Our pool was completed in the late summer of 2022. It was an extremely long process, but well worth it. There were times we felt like nothing was occurring but what I did learn is that there are many components to a pool build. So If you want a great pool quality pool then its worth the wait! Pools By Bradley is expensive but worth it. Quality is everything to the company. Having a pool built is an investment, so if you are going to build a pool it’s worth spending the money knowing you have the best. The company will not compromise on the materials used for the build. Pool building has many many stages & components so be prepared for that. There is also a special pool language you need to learn.🥴There were weeks & months that nothing happened, But be patient its worth the wait. We did have a few hiccups but the company rectified the issues. I highly recommend Pools by Bradley. Their team was wonderful. The Owners, Bradley & Megan were great, & when we had issues they handled it. Kaysen our pool designer was great. She kept us informed every step of the way. Brendon or Brad fired up our pool, I don’t recall, their names all start with “B”, he was great. Matt did our pool school he was fantastic. You can tell he loves his job. Tim, our pool manager has been with us guiding us & still answering all our questions & concerns. Tyana & Gwen were great at relaying messages. In todays day & age customer service is hard to find. Their Customer service is excellent. Eight months later, we still have questions & concerns & they still pick up for us. They are still here for us. That’s is worth a lot. Our pool is a heated pool which we recommend, because here in Edgewater it gets cold, so we are still able to use the pool during those chilly months. We also had them include the pool enclosure. & It’s beautiful & well built. Our pool is not big, but its perfect for our layout. Bradley the owner, highly recommended we have plenty of deck space, because the pool area is more then the pool itself & he was right!!! Everyone loves our deck space surrounding the pool area. no regrets going with Pools By Bradley. We highly recommend them.

    Naomi Cortez Avatar Naomi Cortez
    April 5, 2023
  • PBB is an experienced company who walks you through the process of design, material selection, construction, startup, training, and commissioning of pools, spas, and other outdoor spaces. Their designs are creative and flexible to meet your needs. Our design was for an inground pool, spa, decking, and screen. It great design and we tweaked it to suit our needs. The process was easy and included the selection of the layout, features, and materials. The construction process was long, but it was during COVID and resources were in high demand. PBB includes features that other companies skimp on and it makes the difference in the overall product. Every project will have a few issues along the way, but what's important is how they are managed. PBB went above and beyond to smooth the issues out by dealing with them and making things right, no, "better than right!" Thank you for a great product and great service!

    Joe Naberhaus (jlaalja) Avatar Joe Naberhaus (jlaalja)
    March 21, 2023

    We did not use Pools by Bradley. They did however build our neighbor's pool. During the process, there were a few hiccups that affected our property and peace of mind. I am in the construction industry and understand things happen that are out of your control. I reached out to Pools by Bradley with our concerns and Megan, the Owner, contacted me. Megan came in with promises of fixing these concerns and she did that, and more. We cannot tell you how pleased we are with the response from Megan and the Pools by Bradley team. Our backyard bliss has been restored. Thank you for not only watching out for your customer but also the annoying neighbor...

    Bobby B. Avatar Bobby B.
    February 7, 2023

    We are so happy with the services provided by Pools By Bradley. From the start we had John help with design, then Chris, Matt, and Brendan on sight during the entire project, and Tyana as our point of contact; everyone was awesome! They completed our pool build on time even with all of the hoops COVID and inflation threw our way. Their professionalism and kindness was unwavering throughout the entire project, and my family is so thankful for the entire team at Pools By Bradley. My house is finally clean because we are living in our pool!!!!!! We are so excited for all the family time and visits from friends. Thank you, Pools By Bradley!!!

    Kyla Farrell Avatar Kyla Farrell
    November 7, 2022

    Highly recommended...over a year now and we love our pool and back yard. Matthew has been outstanding with any follow up needed.

    mark hammond Avatar mark hammond
    November 7, 2022
  • Pools By Bradley is top notch. They have been wonderful to deal with. Their build was the best and their customer service is even better. They respond immediately and follow through with every concern and/or issue. They will make it right. I will always recommend them and they have been like family.

    Kristie Buxton Avatar Kristie Buxton
    November 7, 2022

    My wife and I recently got a custom pool done by Pools by Bradley, and they did a incredible job. They were responsive when we had questions, and fixed any major or minor issues that we had. The staff was great. Wanted to give a special thanks Matt, Chris, Christian, and Tyana. Thank you all!

    Patrick Pixley Avatar Patrick Pixley
    November 7, 2022

    Pools by Bradley did an awesome job on delivering a great pool that is above normal standards from other pool companies. The quality of workmanship was top notch. Their maintenance team was great to work with as well! Brian, Matt, Chris and Tyana. They have been very responsive to all our needs during the final stage of firing up the pool, training us on how to use the equipment and handling the final punch list items. This a family run business that is extremely ethical and I would highly recommend them!

    Steven Zeitler Avatar Steven Zeitler
    September 7, 2022

    Our family is enjoying our new pool and large screened deck built by Pools By Bradley. We want to give a special shout out to Matthew, Tyana & Brandon for their amazing job is customer service, maintenance and pool school. Thank you Megan for your support and direction during the building process. We appreciated your visit to see our finished pool. Dan & Sharon

    Dan Burnight Avatar Dan Burnight
    September 7, 2022
  • From start to finish I’ve been very impressed with Pools by Bradley, Jake helped us design our dream pool after being told by other companies it wasn’t possible. Tyana and Megan’s communication with the process and any concerns was top notch customer service. Matthew’s walk through and pool school was detailed oriented and extremely friendly. I could not be happier with my pool results and service I received with the above individuals.This company is beyond impressive . 10/10 would recommend…. Actually I already have!!

    Jessica Serrao Avatar Jessica Serrao
    August 7, 2022

    My wife and I recently had the unique opportunity to design and build our dream home (and Pool). Pools by Bradley assisted in design with inspiration, ideas and completion. We are now in our house and pool and are extremely happy with the finished product. Mathew came out Friday and completed Pool School so we know exactly what to do to keep the pool in great shape to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you!

    Tony Edwards Avatar Tony Edwards
    July 7, 2022

    We needed an adjustment to our pool surface which had not cured out properly over the past year. Brad and Brandon came out to begin lowering our pH and calcium levels. After 3 weeks of adding muriatic acid and scrubbing the surface daily we began to see some improvement. Matthew stepped in to finish up the project and drained several feet of water and vacuumed the debris out of the pool. After another week Matthew added more acid, reset the filters, and balanced chemicals. He followed up with us to be sure we will satisfied with the end result. We are once again enjoying our fabulous pool which looks great!

    Terry Underhill Avatar Terry Underhill
    June 7, 2022

    Matt was excellent setting up our system today! He was very informative and took his time to explain each step and what to expect next. Brandon and Chris go the extra mile as well. They make sure our pool is party ready and really appreciate their time and attention. Thanks Pools by Bradley for your exceptional service!!

    Morgan Pinckney Avatar Morgan Pinckney
    June 7, 2022
  • Pool By Bradley installs a quality product, but more importantly, is committed to making sure you are completely satisfied when it's all said and done. Thanks Bradley! Special shout out to Matthew D. He was thorough, courteous, and patient with my millions of questions.

    John R Avatar John R
    May 7, 2022

    Matthew from the service dept was at our house today to help us reconnect our Jandy pool pump to the internet and to check the chemicals in our pool water that had confused us. We hit the jackpot—What a great guy! He explained and showed us maintenance items that were not covered at our “pool school”. He took the time and had a lot of patience with my husband and I who have never dealt with a pool before. Great personality and knowledgeable. YAY Pools By Bradley!

    Debbie Barnhart Avatar Debbie Barnhart
    April 7, 2022

    We love our pool! The experience from start to finish was great. Our sales rep Chris was great to work with. Our PM Laura kept us up to date on all phases of the project, Chris and Austin made sure our finished product exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Pools by Bradley for great quality, design and service.

    Aisha Ruffin Avatar Aisha Ruffin
    March 7, 2022

    When the county building inspector comments on how well your pool has been constructed, you know you have chosen the correct company. What a pleasure it was to deal with Pools by Bradley. From our first contact, throughout design and construction, this experience was excellent. Communication with Lauren was a joy and we looked forward to each new email to see when the next phase of construction would take place. Every person responsible for the construction and supervision of this project was professional and informative. Without reservation I would recommend this company to all who ask.

    Robert Hough Avatar Robert Hough
    March 7, 2022
  • We love put new Pool. Pools by Bradley was great to work with. Aaron who was our sales manager and designer was great and helped us design the pool we wanted. Laura who was the project manager was also great to work with and kept us up informed of the progress during each stage of the pool construction. Austin was great and showed us how to maintain our new pool. We looked at several other pool companies and found Pool by Bradleys to be one of the best. We would definitely recommend them.

    Brad Lynn Avatar Brad Lynn
    March 7, 2022

    Pools by Bradley was such an amazing company to work with. Their customer service is beyond incredible and they are really able to build the pool of your dreams! I'm so happy I found them and get to see their amazing work throughout Central Florida.

    Emily Mannix Avatar Emily Mannix
    March 7, 2021

    We chose Pools by Bradley after doing extensive internet research and getting a bid from one other company. Bradley's quote was not the cheapest, but his design showed he had listened to our requests and understood who we are and how the space he created would fit our needs. Communication from the office was prompt and consistent. The build took longer than we had anticipated, but this summer's unprecedented rainfall had much to do with that. All of the company's employees who visited our home were professional and courteous. I would encourage anyone to give this family owned business consideration when building a pool.

    Sara Gibbs Avatar Sara Gibbs
    March 7, 2021

    I wanted to write a review. We are 1st time pool owners. Aaron worked with us designing our pool. I have to say he is awesome. 5 star service. He designed everything we asked for and then gave us ideas to make our pool look even better that was still within our budget. He definitely thought outside the box and listened to everything we wanted. Everyone at Pools by Bradley have been wonderful. They listen to us and even listened to our family stories. They show that they care. I feel very confident and definitely made the right choice. I would recommend them to everyone. Can’t wait to update this review with our finished pool.

    Theresa Recchia Avatar Theresa Recchia
    March 7, 2021
  • We absolutely loved our experience with Pools by Bradley. They love what they do and they do a superb job. Little did we know when our project was completed that Covid 19 was around the corner and our backyard paradise would become our escape. Pools by Bradley assisted us with important design and equipment decisions and brought our specific vision to a reality. Everyone that comes to our home loves our pool and we love to show it off. The spa provides quality family time, and quality friend time year 'round. Would do it all again with the same company in a heartbeat!

    KCT Music Avatar KCT Music
    March 7, 2021

    Pools by Bradley really did their “thing” for us! After being stuck at home for months during COVID, we decided we wanted a pool. The process was so smooth, took a little longer than expected, which is understood. David Martineaux came to our house and created exactly what we imagined with little detail from us. The communication was great, and every time we had concerns or needed questions answered, they were right on top of it! Lauren Yannucci is the BEST and knows how to make it HAPPEN! Talk about a great relationship that will continue to last! Thanks so much to all of the Pools by Bradley team for creating our oasis! Cheers to never leaving our house again!

    Chassidy Rogers Avatar Chassidy Rogers
    March 7, 2021

    The pool is beautiful and love the design. The building process was a great experience. Bradley sent an email each week so we knew what to expect. The customer support is outstanding even after completion. We highly recommend Piols by Bradley.

    Tina Heikkinen Avatar Tina Heikkinen
    March 7, 2021

    My pool turned out beautiful...I look at it every day and fall in love all over again. Although the process can seem intimidating, the outcome was worth it. There were a few hiccups along the way with the project management and a hurricane scare that thankfully turned course, but we got through the process working it out together and communicating!! I communicated a lot to ensure my expectations were met along the way. Additionally, Pools by Brad used the most current technology and quality products for the build. I’m happy with the outcome and if ever I build a pool again, Pools by Brad will be on list!

    Pamela Lloyd Avatar Pamela Lloyd
    March 7, 2021